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About us

Founded in January 2015, By Invite Only started in Kastrup a Copenhagen suburb with the distribution of the brand SNURK. The fun and functionality of this specific brand laid the ground for the vibe.

We strive to work with brands that not only succeed in volumes of products being sold, but also touches our heart and funny bone. We want to be able to create a platform for our retailers, where quality, functionality and fun comes first.

We work with carefully selected retailers, whom we invite into our world.

We look for brands and products that fall mainly into the fun and funky category. We are very aware of the high amount of brands available, which is why we are constantly looking for unique brands who have a story to tell.

We strive to bring success to the brand and the retailers selling them, by offering them a professional b2b platform for ordering, a logistics warehouse for shipments and a smiling administration and sales department.

If you want a talk, a showing of products or information about us, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.